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What is Silo?

Our Journey

We started our journey on Sep 15, 2021, when we entered ETHGlobal’s 2021 hackathon with an idea for a lending protocol that would do for lending what Uniswap did for liquidity. In a space of 3 weeks, we had written a codebase from the bottom up for a non-custodial lending protocol capable of implementing secure, efficient, and inclusive money markets
Silo’s high-level protocol overview


The protocol mitigates risks by design. It implements isolated money markets — we call them Silos — with each Silo consisting of two assets only, the bridge asset and a unique token. By isolating the risk of any asset to a specific silo, new and higher-risk assets can be immediately utilized in lending markets without causing systemic risk to assets held in other Silos.
Silos isolated by design


The protocol implements one Silo only for a token asset. This design concentrates liquidity in single pools and allows any token to be used as collateral to borrow other tokens.
Unique Silos connected via the bridge asset


Silo Finance is and will always be a permissionless protocol. Any user will be able to create a market for any token.
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