Technical Overview

This section will be updated upon launching beta
Silo is an isolated-markets lending protocol. Smart contracts have a modular design and mostly follow Uniswap’s naming convention. The protocol consists of:
  • Silo Factory
  • Silo contract
  • SiloBridgePool
  • SiloOracle
  • Router
  • Interest Rate Model S
Silo Factory deploys Silos (money markets.)
Silo contract holds liquidity for a given asset and manages its borrowing and lending functions.
SiloBridgePool manages the bridge asset (e.g. ETH). SiloBridge contract is an unlimited set of ETH silos that store ETH liquidity and manage borrowing and lending ETH between the bridge pool and each silo.
SiloOracle is the source of prices for the protocol. It enables oracle extensions. Silo will support Uniswap V3 TWAP oracle among others.
Router contracts allow for action batching. For example, if a user creates 2 lending positions, the router turns 4 transactions into one atomic execution.
Interest Rate Model implements dynamic interest rate using PID controller.